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[L-u (まくらの同士)] くノ一(ナルト) (POST FINAL)

Great footy set (Makura never lets us down with his stuff). If you like Sakura and Hinata’ feet, this is gonna be the best thing ever, but I hope we get like a sequel, or another CG set placed after the time skip with this same girls, or better yet, with the more mature ladies like Tsunade (oh god, please!!), Anko, Guren, Nii, Kurenai, Mei (another “oh god, please!!”) and cute milf Kushina.

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[L-u (まくらの同士)] くノ一(ナルト) (POST 01)

Futas? Why not! I think they learned the infamous dick growing technique from yet another legendary kunoichi, Miko Mido (from La Blue Girl, which was my very first hentai ever… boy, sure it what something xDD ). Also, Sakura footjobs, with soft looking toes as petals from which her name is graced on.

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Enjoying the mega marathon of The Simpsons on FXX? I sure I am (gotta love the earlier seasons, with the 8th being my favorite one).

Although I’m not very fond of the classic 4-toed character designs predominant from cartoons, here at KF we want to give a little of love to one of the most memorable animated series of all time, by featuring some nice arts (fantastically done by cartoon avenger) of Ms. Bouvier showing her kinky footy side. :3

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A smaller classic 3-art set to finish that last batch. About the first picture with Nico Robin ala Gulliver, I’m having a blast at laughing at the little guy sticking its manhood in between Robin’s toes while also licking the big toe as fast as he can. Quite resourceful tiny critter he is, and quite and enviable position he is in. :3

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Have you seen two Saiyan chicks playing Bayonetta before? That is possible thanks to the mind of the amazing Plague of Gripes. I like the sole view from the girl in the right doin’ the pose while looking at us. :3

Another favorite of mine from this set is the very last one with the Ben10 cousins xDD I love how seductive looking Gwen toes are (btw, I’ve seen lots of foot fetish themed drawings of her. I’ve never watched the series, so maybe I’m missing the reason why she’s been drawn a lot with her feet as the main focus).

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I haven’t forgotten about posting the ashi highlights from the “potential ability” eroge (the one by Empress with amazing bodacious designs by Sei Sehoujo), in the meantime, enjoy a outdoors ashikoki. :3

Two of the Wii Fit Trainer, who’ve just discovered another use for the wii motion plus sensor device, hehe, and two more art featuring girls from the Naruto anime. I like the one with Naruto tickling both Hinata and mature bosom deliciousness Tsunade feet, because if I had to choose a pair of female ninjas from this series for their footsies, no doubt that these two would be my picks.

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I don’t remember (at the moment) on which episode does that amazing scene where Hinata dips her toe in a little pond happen, but I loved every instant of it. That was what made her a favorite not only for the fans of the series but also for the footy lovers watching. Amazing seeing fetish inspired art of her, like giving footjobs and such.

Some Avatar arts too, ‘cuz this is another animated series with a nice amount of feet content.