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Yep, the idol anime today is Love Live! (love it! ) but Sachiko is tryin’ effectively, to bring back your attention to Idolm@ster, with her nyloned feet. :3 IMG #07, see? I like Elizabeth, but I do wonder what’s with her being constantly put into footy stuff… Maybe I should play Bioshock Infinite to find out.

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Piece of hot delicious cake on the first art… yep, that’s a trap, so you’re warned because maybe you’re gonna like it and end with a boner. xD Don’t worry, I do like this sexy punky ladyboy with a set of soles so plump and tasty… Either way, you have 9 other equally footy babes to look at, including Misato barefooted and a bit drunk, or KF’s favorite girl Morgiana

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Opening the late night footy show with a classic illustration by hentai sensei, Tony Taka. Along with his unmistakable style, a detail many of his works shares is the subtle presence of feet focus in them, and this is a fine example of that. Megurine Luka in sandals and Saori (I had a thing for this otaku with a body of a model :3) bare naked complete the highlights.

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A Sneak peek at how Nozomi will look on the much anticipated doujinshi of Love Live! by Cle Masahiro. She’s seems horny and ready to give her best for all her fans. :3 Also, some No Loli No Life official art at the end, though I prefer the much curvaceous Steph for obvious reasons of the oppai nature, hehehe

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A bit of Hinata exposure here. I prefer the anime style drawing of Hinata from the 6th image but the CG rendered version of her (8th image) while it has a atrocious expression, the feet were done absolutely delicious.

Last CG is from the eroge “potential ability” and the character designs is by Seishoujo (whom I am a fan because he tends to do feet super sexy). Expect the footy highlights from the whole set on Thursday.

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We now starting with this week footy postings. What better way than with the beloved virtual diva, Hatsune Miku, having her perfect soles in such position for our eyes to fest upon, or if you wish you can indulge into your shimapan fetish. :3 Also, Morgiana letting the secret out that she were always goin’ commando during the series, hehehe!

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This is good for the booty lovers with 3 ladies here exposing their sexy curvy figures: First we have the milf looking dame with giant milky bewbs, then Mizuki pumpin’ up her tremendous derriere and last but no least, Satsuki clamoring that she’s got enough caboose to twerk it all night.

Nice gif of a girl wiggling her suckable toes and Asuka in sweet thong sandals, highlighting how long and delicious her toes are.

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Being under the perspective of having Mami’s delicious sole upon us, should be something we oughta be grateful for. :3 That Taiga and Belldandy pairing was way unexpected, but the\y do look cute kissing like that… and yeah, Nozomi is life! And her soles is candy for my eyes

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We have some MILFs here to show up with y’all. Starting with the lovely and terrifying Kushina. Big dark nipples from a woman who just gave birth, and sporting a nice coat of lushy polish on those toes… but it is all about Rinko Iori, the hottest milf to come out lately in anime. She’s the mom we all wish to have. :3

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Anaru showing her great ass-et (getting that dirty joke there somehow xD) what makes her nickname even more meaningful, hehe! Love this girl, because knowing that under the thick shell of a girl trying hard to be sexy, there’s a sweet side of her that loves games.. there’s that and the obvious reasons of she having hot looking toes. :3

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